Brand Clients

Influence Consumers
at Critical Points-of-Decision

AMI IN-STORE precisely targets millions of shoppers at critical points of decision, allowing brand marketers to influence buying decisions during the purchase of synergisitic products throughout the store. For impulse shoppers, who have hectic schedules and limited time, shopping is disorganized and stressful, occurring with little regularity and complicated by numerous, unplanned trips to the store. To capture their dollars, brand messaging needs to be delivered at the point-of-purchase. To these shoppers, AMI IN-STORE promotions:

• Deliver instant savings offers;
• Provide valuable information including recipes & food prep ideas;
• Reinforce confidence in purchase choices;
• Simplify the shopping experience while making it fun.

Cross Merchandising
Cross-Ruff On-Pack IRC

Create an Environment of Persuasion

By tapping into AMI's retailer and processor networks, brand marketers are able to harness the velocity of high volume, synergistic products thus communicating with shoppers in an environment of persuasion and navigating them to your product. AMI IN-STORE programs break through the clutter to satisfy any marketing objective:

• Create awareness and stimulate trial;
• Motivate switching and generate repeat purchase;
• Drive volume and build equity.

AMI IN-STORE promotions are designed to drive incremental sales of both carrier and cross-promoting products by providing added-value to consumers and generating leverageable merchandising opportunities with trade partners. AMI IN-STORE executions provide the flexibility for national, regional or account-specific promotions.