Target Through Tie-Ins

AMI manages and executes turnkey On-Pack Instant Coupon promotions for its Brand clients on a variety of "carrier" products including:

Fresh Meat Tray-Packs
(Chicken, Ground Beef,
Steak, Roasts, Pork);
Chicken On-Pack IRC

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Beverage Containers
(Milk, Orange Juice, Soft Drinks,
Bottled Water);

(Produce, Apple, Lettuce, Potato,
Bread, Bakery, Deli,
Tortilla Chip, Salty Snack, Ice, Checkout,
Pharmacy Prescription).
Milk Cap Coupons and
Shelf Dangler

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As a critical component to successful program execution, AMI has established a national network of Retailer & Processor partners.AMI IN-STORE promotions effectively deliver promotional messages and offers at the precise moment consumers are in-store making related purchases.
Tortilla Chips On-Pack IRC

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AMI is responsible for all elements of its executions including On-Pack sell-in, manufacturing, application & distribution to store-level. AMI On-Packs are 4 color process peel-off labels that deliver coupons, recipes, mail-in/rebates & entry forms to consumers in-store on relevant carrier products.
Ground Beef On-Pack Mail-In

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Slide Show of Ground Beef IRC & Hamburger Bunwrap Integrated In-Store Promotion